Hard Drive Emulator for Apple Lisa and Apple ///


The Apple Parallel Port Hard Drive Emulator faithfully emulates the Apple ProFile series of hard disk drives introduced in 1981 for the Apple /// Computer and later the Apple Lisa and Macintosh XL. With little effort, one can install Lisa Office System, MacWorks, SOS, and other operating systems for the Apple Lisa, Macintosh XL, and Apple ///.

Tom Stepleton, who designed the Cameo/Aphid cape for the PocketBeagle and the associated software, has graciously donated his efforts to the public domain - so feel free to build one yourself! Information about the Cameo, Aphid, and Selector can be found at the following links:

The emulator is a Linux-based system that works by presenting a disk image file as an Apple ProFile hard drive to the connected system. It supports 5MB and 10MB “ProFile” disk sizes, as well as ardbitrary sizes for operating systems that support it (i.e. MacWorks).

The Apple Parallel Port Hard Drive Emulator has been made available for sale by ArcaneByte with limited support. There are two variants of this product. Choose ‘Rev A’ or ‘Rev B’ at checkout.

  • Revision A: Supports Apple Lisa 2/5 and Apple ///
  • Revision B: Supports Apple Lisa 2/5, Apple Lisa 2/10, and Apple ///

Both Rev A and Rev B designs have been made available for download in EAGLE format should you choose to build one yourself.

Purchase Options

For your convenience, you can purchase directly from our site. Please note there are multiple variants of this product.

At this time, all Apple Parallel Port Hard Drive Emulator devices sold by ArcaneByte are sold as a completed kit that include the emulator, adapter board, SD card with pre-installed disk images (Lisa Only), and a MicroUSB power cable. For Lisa 2/10 systems, a Widget adapter is recommended (sold seperately).

Global inventory shortages have impacted availability of the PocketBeagle, which has impacted our ability to build devices. Please email us to check availability.

Action Shots

The Apple Parallel Hard Drive Emulator comes in two versions that support the Apple Lisa and Apple ///
The emulator connects straight to DB25 parallel port on the machine. Pin 7 is removed for compatibility.
Rev A supports the Apple Lisa 2/5 and Apple ///
Rev B supports Apple Lisa 2/5, 2/10 (w/ adapter) and Apple ///
The Selector OS for Lisa provides a boot menu for booting from a variety of operating systems on the included SD card

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